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Masternode Payouts

The following table represents the expected yield of running a Masternode in the ZACA Network (Block height < 500'000). Please be aware that this is a representation in an ideal environment and results may differ based on the luck factor, network, amount of active nodes and ZACA Coin Market price.

There is no guaranteed yield, development team does not take any responsibility for earnings and you invest at your own risk.




Getting started with ZACA Coin is easier as you may think. Download our Wallet App for Windows or Unix, wait till the Blockchain has synced (may take a few minutes), and you are ready to go. 

Within the ZACA Coin Wallet App you can:

- Recieve and Send ZACA Coins

- Manage Transactions

- Sign, Send and Recieve Messages

- Create and Manage Masternodes

- Investigate Blocks in the Integrated Block Explorer

ZACA Coin can be traded on the following exchanges:

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